Twelvebottles delivers a service that is flexible, efficient and friendly.

Twelvebottles was established in Melbourne in 2005. From humble beginnings it has grown into a serious player in the Victorian, New South Wales and Queensland wine markets.

In a short time Twelvebottles has developed an exciting portfolio of boutique wine producers from Australia, New Zealand and Italy which are constantly evolving.

Twelvebottles has gone to great lengths to transport these wines into Australia in perfect condition. All imported wines have travelled from the wineries to Australia in a constant temperature controlled climate. The undertaking of this transportation ensures that the wines are at their optimum quality, delivering the taste and scents that truly characterise their origins.

At Twelvebottles we believe the customer comes first and that improving and evolving our business is not just a fad but the very reason for our arriving at work every morning.

With distribution out of our own warehouse in Thomastown we are quickly developing a reputation for a high level of customer service standards that are the envy of the wine trade.


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