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About Viviani

The vineyards of the Viviani’s Valpolicella climb rather sharply up the steep hill leading to the village of Mazzano di Negrar. Claudio Viviani and his father Paolo, as well as generations of Viviani’s before them, have spent many challenging hours planting, pruning and toiling in their 10 hectare vineyard, the highest in the valley nestled in the hills 1600 feet above the valley floor. The brightness of color, the depth, the ethereal vinous fragrances, the subtle yet definable aromas and flavors of red fruits, raisins, spices and noble tannins are all perfectly orchestrated into a satiny lush finish.

Once you have experienced one of the Viviani’s wonderful reds, you will know the pleasure of the delicious fruits of their vineyards as well as a masterful winemaking family.

Via Mazzano, 8
37024 Negrar (VR) Italy