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About Villa Chiopris

Inside the antique room of the winery you can find the best produce of the Livon home farm; not only wines which have been praised by some of the most important wine guides and magazines in the world, but also other products from the rich land of Friuli: grappa, oil and balsamic vinegar all of excellent quality, carefully nurtured by the Livon family. 

Among the different types of soil in the Friuli, the area of Grave distinguishes itself for the unmistakable landscape characterized by the rocky riverbeds which make their way from the hills to the Adriatic Sea. This a large plain composed of alluvial rock formations which extend from the border of Veneto in the west, to the Colli Orientali del Friuli in the east and delineated by the Moreniche Hills to the north.

The Villa Chiopris Estate is located in the oriental extremity of this area, between the towns of Chiopris and Viscone.

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Via Cesare Battisti, 6
33048 Chiopris-Viscone
Province of Udine, Italy