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About Azienda Agricola Terra di Briganti

Terra di Briganti is a small family run company born from a family tradition of expert farmers, which for generations, have taken care of the natural cult and passion for the ‘Fruits of the Earth’.

The vineyards are located just a few kilometres away from Benevento, on the hills of Casalduni, with a view over the Taburno Massif. The vines optimal sunlight exposure, the gentle slope of the hills and the lower yields per hectare, allow them to harvest grapes that conserve the quality and taste of the past, giving their wines unique character.

Destemming, soft pressing and controlled fermentation are done by modern technologies, which do not alter
the result of the product, thus preserving the natural taste. They have chosen traditional medium charred
French oak barrels from the Allier area to refine and soften the wine, without compromising the sensory

The company produces organic wines by using natural pesticides and fertilizers. In order to help the
environment and reduce CO2 emissions, the company adopts many environmentally sustainable measures
including, the installation of photovoltaic panels to produce the energy necessary to run the winery, light
glass bottles and cardboard products from recycled paper.

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Contrada Tacceto, 6 82030 Casalduni, Benevento, Italy