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About Petra

“Sustainably and organically farmed Super Tuscans, a new benchmark for the category.”

The magic of Petra emerges near the ancient village of Suvereto, on the ferrous hills of the Val di Corni, nestled in the spectacular nature of the Maremma region and looking out over the Tyrrhenian Sea.
The venture of Francesca Moretti, oenologist and daughter of Vittorio Moretti, the brand embraces wine making in the Bordeaux tradition, growing international varieties as well as local Sangiovese and Vermentino.
Petra’s progress has, infact, been directed by women for more that 200 years. Two centuries before Francesca’s intervention, Elisa Bonaparte, Princess of Lucca, Grand Duchess of Tuscany and sister of Napoleon, planted Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot grapes in a 5-hectare plot which later became known as the Princess Vineyard. The vineyard and gardens have been lovingly recreated on the property, in accordance with historical ililustrations by Paolo Tomei.

Petra’s approach is to work softly, respectfully and with low impact. A strong protective instinct moves all those who live Petra, from Francesca to those who work in the vineyard and in the olive groves. They protect the equilibrium of a natural system which demands respect and sensitivity to be enhanced and to return value and exhilaration.


San Lorenzo Alto,

131 – 57028 Suvereto (LI) Italia