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About Fratelli Brunello

"Grappa offers a world full of enveloping aromas and flavours and extraordinary sensations."

Montegalda, 1840.This is where the story of Italy’s oldest artisanal distillery begins. The founding father of the dynasty was Bortolo Lotto, a figure loved and respected in the region. A quality product, born from the balance between the type of still, the quality of the raw material, the work temperature and the knowledge of the "master distiller", acquired through many years of experience.

The Brunello family refined the distillation techniques and widened the range, creating new monovitigno (single grape) distillates. Although they were young, the new Brunello Brothers owners knew that any innovation must be subject to the tradition which today must be entrusted to artisan distillers.

The tasting stage is the magical moment. Grappa is tasted in tiny sips and, once in the mouth, diluted with the saliva and calmly pressed against the palate by the tongue to allow for the aromas to be released.

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Via Roi G., 51,
36047 Montegalda Vicenza, Italy