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About Dols

"Life's best when you do it deliberately. That goes for all the good things - family, friends, food and wine. Do it right, or don't do it at all. That's what Dols is about"

Ben Dolan is the kind of person who doesn’t think he needs a bio. But while he doesn’t have a lot to say about himself, he has plenty for those around him. Namely his father, Rob Dolan, well-respected winemaker and character of Australia’s Yarra Valley. From humble beginnings as his father’s bin-rinser, Ben has spent a lifetime learning and developing his craft under his father, with added influence from working vintages across Australia, NZ, USA and France.

Championing the Yarra’s famed Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Ben also has no shortage of words for the oldest and most reputable growers in the region, from which he sources his fruit and considers crucial mentors in his process.

Now a meticulous craftsman, dead set on spending however long it takes to get the best result, Ben has stepped out with his own project, Dols, which carries on his father’s legacy while promising to make its own unique mark on the industry he calls home.

With a focus on craft and an eye on the ‘normal-folk’ he’s making wine for, Dols epitomises obsession with both growing and making, and a generosity of spirit that can only result in seriously good wine.


21-23 Delaneys Rd

Warrandyte South VIC 3134 Australia