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About Argiolas

Argiolas represents an identity inspired by land and traditions, the vision of founder Antonio Argiolas, that lives on through the passion of his children and grandchildren.

At the turn of the 20th century, Antonio Argiolas planted his first vineyard on a 3-hectare farm in Seriana, near Cagliari, Sardinia. From there his idea grew and matured, along with his family and his passion for the land. Perhaps somewhat stifled by the "narrow" boundaries of the local peasant world - although remaining steadfastly attached to the island - Antonio broadened his horizons through travel and accumulated experiences, including to Argentina and the US.
These inspired him to employ new and innovative methods and techniques in the vineyard.
Since the beginning however, Argiolas strongly linked itself to the identity of the island. By protecting the local grape varieties and investing in sustainability, the company experiments with cutting-edge cultivation techniques, using the advice of international experts and speaks the language of the future.

Today, Argiolas vineyards span 5 estates:
Serdiana: Argiolas' historic home in the Parteolla area, closest to the winery.
Is Solinas: in Sulcis, where the Carignano grapes are grown.
Vigne Vecchie: or "old vines" - 40 hectares in Selegas, producing fine white wines.
Sa Tanca: in the Trexenta hills between Selegas and Guamaggiore, producing grapes of freshness and elegance.
Sisini: 60 hectares in Trexenta, whose clay and calcareous soils, elevation and sun exposure make it ideal for the production of Vermentino.

"(...) the personality that defines the tenacious and mature wines, as soft as the limestone in which their roots are sunk, perfumed and savoury like the sea, long-lived like Sardinians." - Argiolas

Via Roma, 28/30 – 09040