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About Fat Sparrow

Wines of Heathcote and Strathbogie.

Boutique wines from Central Victoria. Our wines strive to balance their regional character with the delicacy and complexity more characteristic of French and Italian Wines.

Fat Sparrow was originally conceived to flit about; taking advantage of society’s changing tastes and responding to the emerging trends in the wine market. Years on, the brand has settled right down and now focuses on a small, consistent portfolio of terrific wines. From first growth to bottling, the process is carefully managed to arrive at a product that fits our specific brief.

We’re driven by our admiration for French and Italian wine, and our love for food and wine pairings. Fat Sparrow carefully chooses its fruit, picking dates, and production techniques to create wines with complexity and restraint. Our wines are recognisable for their texture and refinement, and a linear acidity that makes them a terrific mealtime choice.